The Spartoí Project was a plan by a now defunct corporation, to build an army of mercenary super-solders that could be hired out to the highest bidder during the Armageddon War. These "super-solders" were given cybernetic enhancement, gene therapy and enhancement, and pre-programed tactics and instructions related to all known Special Forces manuals. The possess was painful and arduous, and the use of brainwashing programs to keep them passive and loyal ultimately strip them of their humanity. When the corporate headquarters was destroyed during the Cartel Narco Wars, the project was scraped, and the soldiers were abandoned by the technicians.

A number of them became self-sufficient and wandered off. Those that remained starved to death from their own idleness. Those that left ether became coldblooded mercenaries, or crazed pariahs. One of the most infamous "Sparti Solders" is Cyclops, the leader S.C.U.M.

The name derives from Greek mythology, from the legends of Cadmus and Jason's quest for the Golden Fleece. The Spartoí were warriors sown from the teeth of a mighty dragon, by Cadmus.