Skull hawk pic

Codename: Skull Hawk
Real Name: [unknown]
Position: S.C.U.M. Enforcer
Military Training: Advanced Infantry Training by Military Sub-Contractors.
Specialty: Heavy Weaponry, Urban Warfare.

Official BiographyEdit

Coming from the German Goth Underground culture, Skull Hawk was one of the most ruthless enforcers for the organized crime operating in the area. Having suffered though a server burn incident, he took to wearing a skull mask. Offering his service to the highest bidder, he worked as a hied mercenary during the Cartel Narco Wars and the European Final Solution. Skull Hawk prides himself at never missing as assignment and is determined to profit from his deadly mercenary skills. He teams up with others that share in this belief that the strong should always rule the weak and that might makes right. Skull Hawk joined S.C.U.M. to help destroy S.T.O.P. and it's efforts at establishing rule of law on the streets.

Additional InformationEdit