S.C.U.M. Raiders are loose bands of street gangs, biker gangs and local militias, who have pledged their loyalty to S.C.U.M., but have yet to become full members. They prove their worth by taking great risks in battle.

They are the bottom-rung of S.C.U.M., and are not provided for until they become full members. As such, they are usually poorly armed, and have no sense of tactics. When S.C.U.M. organizes an offense, they call on their Raiders to "take point", which means they advance into a battle-zone to soak-up the most hits, or to trigger mines, booby traps and ambushes. Basically, they pad-out a strike force, and are used as "meat-shields" and "screeners." Fortunately for S.T.O.P., their human-wave tactics makes them an easy kill for the calm and skillful aim of its members, and their low skill and moral keeps them from making a hard offense.

Most S.C.U.M. Raiders are desperate or degenerate enough to become S.C.U.M. Soldiers, but not all bands are as ruthless. They usually join out of fear for their own lives, but sometimes it was for the sake of their loved ones - their safety, that is. These reluctant Raiders can be persuaded to join S.T.O.P., if their safety can be guaranteed.