S.C.U.M. Infiltrators are specialized S.C.U.M. Soldiers who have infiltrated communities who opposes the tyranny of S.C.U.M. They are trained in espionage, sniping, reconnaissance, ninjutsu, poison-use & application, and demagoguery.

As sleeper agents, they appear as the locals. They ether keep a low profile, while making notes and establishing contacts, or they build-up their political influence, while spreading descent or confusion through demagoguery, assassinating influential leaders, and to sabotage the local defense. Members of a cell take inactive roles until they gain enough influence to become active members of the community, and the leadership of the cell is based on who gains the most political influence. The rewards for gaining the most political influence, and to undermine the community for the take-over by S.C.U.M. is the right to control the local area, in the name of Cyclops.

As infiltrators, they appear in dark urban camouflage, and use blacked mêlée weapons and sound/flash-suppressed firearms. On top of being stealthy, their ninja-like suits allow them to preform clandestine operation without blowing their cover.

In combat, they are deadly. They like to hide, while picking-off targets, and make good use of their environment, when confronted. If at all possible, they will set traps to cover their defense and to warn them of intruders.