Codename: El Lobo Solitario
Real Name: [unkown]
Position: Independent Bounty Hunter and Mercenary
Military Training: Given pre-programed tactics and instructions related to known Special Forces manuals.
Specialty: Counter Terrorism, Counter-Insurgency & Urban-Warfare Tactics, Heavy Weaponry, Explosives and Demolitions.

Official BiographyEdit

El Lobo Solitario (or The Lone Wolf) is a half-human half-machine cyborg who was created in a laboratory in Brazil by a ruthless science and robotics engineering corporation. Their goal was to build an army of mercenary super-solders that could be hired out to the highest bidder during the Armageddon War. The project was scrapped when their corporate headquarters was destroyed during the the Cartel Narco Wars. El Lobo Solitario drifted aimlessly before becoming a hired gun. He is not that talkative and speaks only when necessary. He has no scruples, but he honors a pledge or contract. He is unsympathetic towards other people, and will not help anyone unless it is in his best interest.

Additional InformationEdit