Codename: Den Mother
Real Name: Patrica "Pat" Stern
Position: S.T.O.P. Drill Sargent
Unit Name/Type: Camp Stern; Special Forces School
Military Training: Ex-US Army Special Forces.
Specialty: Special Reconnaissance Operations, Unconventional Warfare, Counter Terrorism, Counter-Insurgency, Heavy Weaponry, Explosives and Demolitions.

Official BiographyEdit

Den Mother is the trainer for potential S.T.O.P. agents. She was raised in a rough neighborhood called the "Iron Triangle", in Richmond California, and entered the service to escape the gang culture. She saw action in both the Cartel Narco Wars and the Armageddon War of the Middle East before an injury forced her out of combat. Not content with paperwork, she became a Special Forces Instructor, where she taught regular soldiers to be elite. Do to the unusual nature of both conflicts; there was a need to get soldiers trained to deal with counter-terrorism and guerrilla warfare tactics. She has a natural talent at reading people like a book, and applies it well into her training. Thanks to her efforts, the military was able to get new recruits into a better state of survivability.

As the head S.T.O.P. Instructor, she helps get potential recruits - called "Scrubs" - into fighting-shape. She is an expert in many fields of advanced military specialties. To prevent enemies from getting the drop on her and the recruits, she changes locations every three months (about the time needed to train a whole class). Even with a class full of military trained soldiers, the dropout rate is high. The training is more than just a Special Forces school: it also tests the recruit's character and dedication, to weed-out potential turncoats and deserters.

Additional InformationEdit