Cyclops pic

Codename: Cyclops
Real Name: [unkown]
Position: S.C.U.M. Commander
Military Training: Given pre-programed tactics and instructions related to known Special Forces manuals.
Specialty: Counter Terrorism, Counter-Insurgency & Urban-Warfare Tactics, Heavy Weaponry, Explosives and Demolitions.

Official BiographyEdit

Cyclops is a hale-human half-machine cyborg who was created in a in a laboratory in Brazil by a ruthless science and robotics engineering corporation. Its goal was to build an army of mercenary super-solders that could be haired out to the highest bidder during the Armageddon War. The project was scraped when their corporate headquarters was destroyed during the Cartel Narco Wars. Half-human and half-machine, Cyclops eventually became self-sufficient, and is now intent on making the world that created him pay by founding S.C.U.M. It is their goal to establish total anarchy on the streets, and create a situation where the world would establish him to rule with an iron fist. The only thing standing in is way is S.T.O.P.

Additional InformationEdit