Codename: Clive
Real Name: Charles E. Veerner
Position: Leader of the Jagged Shanks gang
Military Training: US Army Basic Training
Specialty: Infantry

Official BiographyEdit

Charles "Clive" Veerner fought in the Armageddon Wars before he started the Jagged Shanks gang. He was a trouble-maker even before the war, and he would have been dishonorably discharged from the service (or shot) if not for the desperate need for manpower. When he returned to the states, civilization collapsed and he took full advantage of the lawlessness. He found others who shared in his love for mayhem, and then they formed into a raider gang. S.C.U.M. has been trying to force them to become S.C.U.M. Raiders, but the gang is too adamant. Like a lot of raiders, they are aggressive, rowdy and generally despised. They are called the "Ragged Skanks" when not not in earshot of their members — or not, if one what to got shot! Clive is surprisingly clever given his brash and foolhardy attitude, but he needs to be, to last as long as have. He name is bike "Jaguar"' and his assault rifle "Aimée" — they are both is pride and joy.

Additional InformationEdit