The Bookkeepers are a loose affiliation of scholars, engineers, scientists, literary enthusiasts, and even art lovers and movie-buffs, who's overreaching goal is to preserve human knowledge, and uplift humanity form ignorance and barbarism. Since the fall of civilization, people have been concerned with immediate survival then to waste time on some dusty old books. There are even communities that despise science or the idleness of reading or academics. In such communities, science and/or literacy is stigmatized, and anyone with such interests have to do so in secret. Opposition towards science typically stems from religious ideology, or the notion that science and technology is dangerous. Opposition towards literacy is usually used as a means of social control, and to keep laborers productive. Thankfully, most communities enjoy literature. In many communities, they use novels - particularly romance or "escapist fantasy" - like currency. Books related to medicine, survival or technology is considered highly valuable items.

Members range from lone Teachers, Librarians or Hermits, to well-staffed Museums and Universities. Even without the internet or local nets, they try to maintain a network with whatever means they can - Ham and CB radio sets being the most common. Most Hubs (communities that are open to traders and drifters) would have Bookkeeper's subculture. Company Towns (communities centered industry or workshops) that tolerate academics would allow Bookkeepers to operate, as long as they teach or advocate subjects approved by town owners. In most cases, they only tolerate education that is within the scope of the local industry, and any history about the company or controlling family has to be portrayed in a positive light. Although S.C.U.M.-held territories are semi-lawless, S.C.U.M. members do not see value in academics. They only tolerate education and knowledge related to whatever science is useful in a military campaign. Unimportant books like history books and fiction are seen as nothing more than firewood.

Bookkeepers are usually pacifists, and see militant groups like S.C.U.M. or S.T.O.P. as lawless bands of depots. The only group they trust is the Freemen Alliance, and only because they share the same goals. More adventurous Bookkeeper groups would start-up daring expeditions for lost or rumored achieves. To achieve this, they would find anyone willing to brave whatever danger they may encounter. This usually results in team-ups with the Freemen Alliance.

The Wandering Troupes are another class of Bookkeepers, who focus on live-entertainment. They include dancers, musicians, thespians and comedians. They are nomadic, and are usually welcome in most communities. Few communities are picky about where they get their entertainment from, due to a general lack of electronic mediums.