Codename: Bell
Real Name: Carlos A. Belmont
Position: S.T.O.P. Supreme Commander
Unit Name/Type: Team 'Clocktower'; Headquarters
Military Training: Ex-US Army Special Forces.
Specialty: Special Reconnaissance Operations, Unconventional Warfare, Counter Terrorism, Counter-Insurgency.

Official BiographyEdit

Since the aftermath of 9/11 launched him to the Army recruitment station, Bell saw action in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Cartel Narco Wars and the Armageddon War. Without ties to family, he poured himself into his work as a career soldier. By the time of the Cartel Narco and Armageddon Wars, he has been a highly decorated and respected war hero. He held-out on getting a commission to remain a "hard-stripper", but a corrupted military political structure — which would rather pump-out lots of raw-recruits, then to redouble their training for unconventional warfare — pressured him into accepting a commission to Brigadier General, so they can force him into retirement after five years, as well as to make him look like a sellout. Remaining true to the welfare of his former enlisted brethren, he continued to fight for better training and survivability for the basic soldier. For it, he lost no respect from them. He has also been outspoken against the mistreatment of Muslims (and later Israelis) by European focuses, as well as his compatriot officers and politicians. Foreseeing the tide of events, he took steps to secure support and resources, and in the aftermath of the European Final Solution, he formed an elite group of freedom-fighters to deal with despots, so he could help rebuild a better future.

Clocktower HQEdit

Bell operates from a command truck codenamed the "The Clocktower", with a team of experts in the area of encryption and telecommunication. The Clocktower is also supported by two advanced recon teams and a combat support team. They are always on the move, to keep them from being targeted by S.C.U.M. forces. They cover the widest area of all S.T.O.P. units: covering much of North and Central America.

Additional InformationEdit