Sometime after 2015, the conflict in the Middle East reached its boiling point, and it was all-out war. The conflict started around Israel, but it spread across Europe, Africa, and Asia. The war was devastating, and there was much brutality. The conflict ended with the European Final Solution. This attack not only ended the war, but it destabilized the world.

Well before the war, tensions in the Middle East have been heated for one thing or another. Once the tension reached the boiling point, the line was drawn, and everyone took sides in the conflict. The factions included:

The Western Alliance is made-up of pro-democratic nations.

The Eastern Coalition is made-up of pro-Islamic nations.

The catalyst for the conflict started with insults and grandstanding between Israel and Iran, and greedy arms dealers and corrupt politicians escalated the situation for personal gain. Europe tried to avoid the conflict, but they got involved when the war spread into European soil. The United States, still weary from the prolong war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and actively dealing with guerrilla-militants in Central America, avoided the war at all cost, until political action by pro-Israel politicians intervened. With the U.S. occupied and spread-thin, North Korea took the opportunity to restart the Korean War, which resulted in a huge escalation in Asia and the Pacific that destabilized governments on that side of the Earth.

By the end of the war, governments fell, cities lay in ruins, and countless people have died. Without governments, and lots of skilled and resentful soldiers, petty warlords cropped-up to full the power-vacuum. Influenced by an insightful and highly charismatic American war-hero, a rogue band of commandos took steps to secure the resources needed to stop them in the next conflict.